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Unlike other resources, DATCrusher is created specifically for the Canadian DAT so you can study
confidently with the most up-to-date high-yield content available:

3160+ High-Yield Canadian DAT Questions

  • Created specifically for the Canadian DAT – Tailored to save you time from studying untested material

  • Updated for the 2020 February DAT – Prepare with the most up-to-date content so there are no surprises on test day

  • Detailed Solutions containing high-yield information – In-depth solutions for every question that breakdown the exact concepts that you need to know for the Canadian DAT

Unlimited Printable PAT Questions

  • 5+ Printable PAT Generators – Our powerful printable PAT generators allows you to generate UNLIMITED PAT questions that can be printed in the same format as the Canadian DAT

  • 9+ Online PAT generators– Our powerful online PAT generators allow you to practice PAT questions with built-in 3D models and analytical software

  • Practice with real DAT questions– Our generators can produce every possible question that can show up on the Canadian DAT

30+ Detailed Soap Carving Videos in HD

  • 5+ hours of HD content – High-quality videos that will show you how to carve and score a perfect 30 on the MDT

  • Learn exclusive tips and tricks – From basics, all the way to advanced techniques,  expert teachings will elevate your soap carving skills to the next level

  • Show you how it’s done – From start to finish, see what it takes to plan and carve a perfect soap step-by-step

Free PATBooster Membership Included

  • 60+ HD PAT Videos – High-quality meaningful videos that show you how to approach each section of the PAT

  • 1000+ High-Yield Questions with the best-detailed solutions and builtin 3D models – Accelerate your learning with the best PAT content available

  • Advanced PAT Generators and Analyzer software – The best PAT software available that helps train your perceptual ability skills and identify your weaknesses at the same time

Detailed Biology & Chemistry Notes

  • 20+ Chapters of Detailed Notes – Save valuable time by reviewing exactly what you need to know for the Biology and Chemistry section of the Canadian DAT

  • 100+ Example Questions – Test your knowledge with built-in chemistry example questions for every chapter

  • Hints on what to focus on – Learn what to spend your time on based on what has shown on the Canadian DAT in the past
DATCrusher Notes

Printable Reading Comprehension Tests

  • Representative Reading Comprehension Tests – Encounter questions and passages similar to ones seen on the Canadian DAT in past years

  • 14+ Printable Practice Tests – Practice the reading comprehension section on paper just like the real Canadian DAT by printing passages from the comfort of your home

  • Mimic the feel of the Canadian DAT – Designed to mimic the feel of the Canadian DAT with a similar layout and interface

… and MUCH more!

Average scores by our students

See how students who prepared using DATCrusher performed on the 2019 February DAT:

24 AA | 22 RC | 21 PAT | 27 MDT* 

National DAT Average on the 2019 Feb DAT: 19 AA | 19 RC | 18 PAT | 12 MDT

*Average scores reported to us by students for the February 2019 DAT as of 4/16/2019

How does DATCrusher compare to other resources?

DATCrusher is proudly created specifically for the Canadian DAT. We offer the most powerful study tools
and high-yield study material than anyone else:

  • Price
  • Number of Practice Tests
  • Number of Questions
  • PAT Solution Videos
  • PAT Lecture Videos
  • Soap Carving Videos
  • Specifically for the Canadian DAT
  • Unlimited Printable PAT Questions
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Highlighted high-yield questions
  • Canadian DAT hints and tips
  • Free PATBooster Membership


  • $299
  • 52 Practice Tests
  • 3160+ Questions
  • 210+ HD Videos
  • 60+ HD Videos
  • 30+ HD Videos


  • $1299
  • 28 Practice Tests
  • 2300+ Questions
  • 13+ Videos

*”Kaplan DAT Self-Paced Program” for content relevant to the Canadian DAT as of 5/18/18


Success Stories

Janice Choi

February 2019 Canadian DAT Scores:

30 MDT | 22 RC | 20 PAT

"This is the best resource for the Canadian DAT!

There are many students who rely on this resource to be successful for their exam.”

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Grace Chen

February 2019 Canadian DAT Scores:

26 AA | 24 PAT | 23 RC

"DATCrusher was the only paid resource I used other than

the CDA manual. It prepared me well as the real DAT had very similar questions."

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Caroline Ye

February 2018 Canadian DAT Scores:

27 Biology | 30 Chemistry | 22 RC | 22 PAT | 26 AA

"I would like to give huge thanks to the DATCrusher team for developing this

amazing resource and constantly improving it to better represent the Canadian DAT!"

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Andy Kim

February 2018 Canadian DAT Scores:

30 MDT | 22 PAT | 22 CHEM | 21 BIO | 20 RC

"DATCrusher is by far the most helpful, accurate, and cost-efficient resource available for the Canadian DAT.

I highly recommend DATCrusher to anyone who’s preparing for their upcoming Canadian DAT!"

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Maryam Morris

February 2018 Canadian DAT Scores:

23 Biology | 20 Chemistry | 20 RC | 22 PAT

"In my journey, I was looking for the best resource to study for DAT in a fast and efficient way. I am a full-time student

and preparing for DAT in a short period of time (2 weeks) is almost impossible. DATCrusher made this possible for me"

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Ali Oryan

November 2016 Canadian DAT Scores:

25 Biology | 23 Chem | 21 RC | 24 PAT | 24 TS | 23 AA

“DATCrusher, by far, had the most representative Canadian DAT Practice tests out there.

And I could not be more happy with my scores.”

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Michelle Ly

November 2016 Canadian DAT Scores:

23 RC | 24 PAT | 30 MDT

"What made DATCrusher so unique was the sincerity and genuineness I felt from the team.

Overall, DATCrusher was an awesome and essential resource in my preparation for the DAT"

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Reid Boulet

November 2016 Canadian DAT Scores:

21 RC | 24 PAT | 30 MDT

"I would definitely recommend DAT Crusher to anyone wanting to take the DAT as it is by

far the best preparation material for the Canadian DAT available"

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