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Customer Testimonials
“The main thing that I loved about DATCrusher was how everything was created accurately for the Canadian DAT and it was very representative of what I wrote in November. And whenever I had questions, Shah would get back to me immediately and was super responsive.

As for the tests themselves, they matched the difficulty level of the exam, in fact, it probably over-prepared me for the Canadian DAT. After going through all the DATCrusher tests, I ended up going through some of the programs that I was using before and I noticed my scores jumped, especially for the PAT. And honestly, I couldn’t have been any happier with the results.”

Ali Oryan – 25 Biology | 23 Chem | 21 RC | 24 PAT | 24 TS | 23 AA (98th percentile) on the Nov 2016 DAT
“With the unlimited amount of evaluations DATcrusher provided, I was able to receive a lot of valuable suggestions that helped my carvings the extra mile. Not only were they able to point out the tiniest mistakes I made that could be detrimental to my score, they were also able to pinpoint the mistakes in my techniques that caused it.

In my experience, both the shapes we are asked to reproduce and the grading scale on the actual DAT, are easier than the practice I’ve done for DATcrusher. My MDT scores improved drastically for the November session of the DAT as compared to February, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of DATCrusher.”

Chu Soap Carving score on the Nov 2016 DAT: 30