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Highly Representative

Canadian DAT Test Prep

By constantly updating our content each cycle using student feedback, we constantly strive to be representative of the Canadian DAT.

Proudly Canadian

Canadian DAT Test Prep

A DAT preparation resource aimed specifically for Canadians! Our goal is to help Canadian students achieve a high DAT score on the Canadian DAT.

Powerful Resources

Canadian DAT Test Prep

Our content has been specifically designed to include everything you will need to prepare for the Canadian DAT.

Advanced Solutions

Whether you are practicing the SNS, RC, or the PAT, our interactive 3D models and detailed explanations will allow you to understand and visualize the solution to every question.


Survey Of The Natural Sciences

Biology and Chemistry questions that are continuously updated every cycle of the Canadian DAT to ensure that you practice using only the most representative practice tests out there.


Reading Comprehension

Representative reading comprehension tests designed specifically to mimic the difficulty and the feel of the Canadian DAT by presenting passages and questions side by side.


Unlimited Detailed Soap Carving Evaluations

Accurately gauge your soap carving score and receive a detailed personalized report on how to improve your score without leaving the comfort of your home.


The Ultimate PAT Resource

From Printable PAT generators, guides and full length practice tests, our wide range of exclusive PAT resources will teach and provide you with the most representative practice material available to Canadian students.


Access Content On The Go

Practice makes perfect and with our fully responsive platform, you can take DAT prep to the next level by utilizing DATCrusher’s exclusive content on your tablet.

DATCrusher Shahed Canadian DAT
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The Founder

My name is Shahed and I'm a dental student at the University of Alberta. While I was preparing for the DAT, I realized that the majority of resources out there were catered towards the American DAT and created by people who had never written the Canadian version of the DAT. And so I set out to create DATCrusher, a resource specifically for the Canadian DAT. Since launching in October 2016, we have grown into a team that consists of dental students, software developers, and pre-dental students from across the nation.

We are constantly looking for creative ways to help students prepare by adding unique features such as printable PAT Generators, unique reading comprehension software, and much more! Our goal is to help you CRUSH the Canadian DAT. If you ever have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact me at any time 🙂

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Ali Oryan

November 2016

25 Biology | 23 Chem | 21 RC | 24 PAT | 24 TS | 23 AA (98th percentile)

“DATCrusher, by far, had the most representative Canadian DAT Practice tests out there.

And I could not be more happy with my scores.”

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Michelle Ly

November 2016

23 RC | 24 PAT | 30 MDT

"What made DATCrusher so unique was the sincerity and genuineness I felt from the team.

Overall, DATCrusher was an awesome and essential resource in my preparation for the DAT"

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Reid Boulet

November 2016

21 RC | 24 PAT | 30 MDT

"I would definitely recommend DAT Crusher to anyone wanting to take the DAT as it is by

far the best preparation material for the Canadian DAT available"

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