Janice Choi

PAT: 20 (68th percentile)
RC: 22 (85th percentile)
MDT: 30 (100th percentile) 

Janice’s Feedback:

“I received my Feb 2019 scores this morning and finally have the chance to share my success thanks to DAT Crusher. I wrote the exam a total of three times (consecutively) and am focusing my scores to be favourable to apply to the University of Alberta. My scores are:

FEB 2018 – 57 (18 PAT, 23 RC, 16 MDT)

NOV 2018 – 69 (19 PAT, 23 RC, 27 MDT)

FEB 2019 – 72 (20 PAT, 22 RC, 30 MDT)

I took Rock the DAT prior to the FEB 2018 and had access to DAT Crusher before both the NOV 2018 and FEB 2019 exams. I’ve paid for other resources and books when I was first taking the DAT but they did not go through depths that would actually allow me to get a high score on the DAT.

Without the site, I would be unable to practice efficiently for the PAT and RC portions, and the MDT video guides helped me get the basics down in a step-by-step manner. I am grateful for this resource and have already promoted it through word of mouth to other students who plan on taking the DAT. This is the best resource for the Canadian DAT!

I was unable to take advantage of the free PATBooster account, but if I were to go through my preparations again I would pay for the service after seeing how well the PAT practice exams prepared me on DATCrusher. There are many students who rely on this resource to be successful for their exam. Thank you again for the continuous updates and support!”

Janice Choi
February 2019 DAT Test-taker

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