Andy Kim

Biology: 21 (81st Percentile)
Chemistry: 22 (81st Percentile)
PAT: 22 (95th percentile)
RC: 20 (74th percentile)
Manual Dexterity: 30 (100th percentile)

Andy’s Feedback:

“I wrote the DAT in November 2017 and February 2018. The DAT exam dates always collided with my midterm schedules in both terms, and it was certainly not fun studying for it with a full course load. I used very few resources to study for my first DAT exam in November 2017, partially due to the associated costs and my lack of knowledge in available study materials. I wasn’t very content with my scores from the November exam, so I decided to take the DAT again in February 2018.

I discovered DATCrusher while searching for an alternative study material, and I was very intrigued to try it out. The printable PAT generators were excellent tools to practice unlimited number of questions on each category in the PAT section. I personally believe these generators were more than helpful to get myself familiarized with various types of questions I may see on the actual DAT. Practicing on paper made a world of difference, since there are limitations as to what you can do when you simply visualize the objects on your computer screen.

The practice reading comprehension tests were also very similar in style to the actual DAT exam. The types of questions, lengths of each excerpt, and the types of distractors were all very similar to what I’d see on the DAT. Every subject category is packed with multiple practice tests, all containing in-depth explanations behind each solution that allows you to re-evaluate the question and learn the concept simultaneously. I really liked this feature the most, as it allowed me to develop personal tips and tricks to strategically answer similar questions.

Lastly, the manual dexterity videos taught me numerous skills that I would not have acquired elsewhere. It certainly refined my carving skills and helped me enhance the overall quality of the soap. Each tutorial video was concise, informative, and enjoyable to watch. DATCrusher truly knows how to boost your scores across all subject areas!

With all things considered, I believe that DATCrusher is by far the most helpful, accurate, and cost-efficient resource available for the Canadian DAT. My overall scores have increased significantly after using DATCrusher, which was rather expected. I am beyond thankful for such amazing software that the team had developed and their continuous effort to improve it. Huge thanks to Shahed and the rest of the team for their fast responsiveness and helpful tips over the chat! I highly recommend DATCrusher to anyone who’s preparing for their upcoming Canadian DAT!”

Andy Kim
February 2018 DAT Test-taker

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