Frequently Asked Questions

DATCrusher is a resource created specifically for the Canadian DAT. We set forth to creating DATCrusher when we realized there are no resources available that are created specifically for the Canadian DAT. As current dental students, our goal is to help you succeed and obtain stellar DAT scores necessary to gain admission into a Canadian dental school.
We ensure that our practice tests and questions are representative by getting constant feedback from students who have taken the Canadian DAT. To date, we have received valuable feedback on the last 3 cycles before we launched in October 2016. Plus, quality is our top priority and therefore we will not release tests unless we can ensure you that it is well built and representative of the Canadian DAT.
The Canadian DAT fluctuates in difficulty level from cycle to cycle. In fact, some versions of the Canadian DAT have PAT sections that are extremely challenging. Therefore, in order to prepare our students for those versions of the Canadian DAT, we have tried replicating that difficulty level. If you can do well on our tests, you can expect to do well on the Canadian DAT.
It’s simple. You can access free content on our website by signing up as a regular member for a free. However, to unlock all the practice tests and features, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership for 90 days. Your subscription will NOT renew after 90 days.
At DATCrusher, we are constantly brainstorming new ways that we can help you succeed on the Canadian DAT. Therefore, we update our website on a weekly basis by aiming to add new content and features to help you.