Perceptual Ability

Timed Practice Tests

Non-Timed Practice Tests

Performance Analyzers

The Analyzer is a powerful tool that will pinpoint types of questions that you are weak in (example: Obtuse or Acute Angles). In combination with our advanced online generators that generate specific types of questions and allow you to customize how you train, you can truly master this section.

Printable PAT Generators

These powerful generators will create UNLIMITED Printable PDF files containing a series of 15 questions in the same format as the Canadian DAT. This will mean you will have access to  UNLIMITED questions that you can print out and practice on paper in the same format as the Canadian DAT/CDA manual!

 Online PAT Generators

These advanced generators will create every single type of question that can show up on the Canadian DAT. In addition, they will not only analyze your performance while you practice but will also allow you to customize the way you practice.

Printable Worksheets: Angle Ranking

Printable Worksheets: Cube Counting

Printable Worksheets: Hole Punching

Printable Worksheets: Keyholes

Questions organized by category

Want more practice?

Train your perceptual ability skills to the next level with the PAT Game by clicking below

The PAT Game

Study Tip: Perceptual Ability

Try to practice at least 30 minutes a day to do well. And before you begin practicing, use the Analyzers to identify specific questions that you are weak in and then use the Printable PAT Generators to print unlimited questions to practice on paper. At the end, your score for this section will depend on how much you practice.

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