Maryam Morris

Biology: 23 (94th Percentile)
Chemistry: 20 (69th Percentile)
PAT: 22 (95th percentile)
RC: 20 (74th percentile)
Academic Average: 21 (83rd percentile)

Maryam’s Feedback:

“I must be honest, without your help I wouldn’t have been able to prepare for the DAT this well. I would like to say thank you to everyone who created DATCrusher for us Canadian students. In my journey, I was looking for the best resource to study for DAT in a fast and efficient way since I am a full-time student and therefore preparing for DAT in a short period of time (2 weeks) is very difficult. DATCrusher made this possible for me.

When I started to study for the DAT, there wasn’t any Canadian resources out there and DATCrusher was the only one I could find. I trusted them and studied all of their material repeatedly. Because the questions on every practice test were chosen carefully, I was able to study more material in a shorter period of time. When I finished all of the practice tests, I knew that I studied all of the materials needed for the DAT.

A tip that helped me a lot, was to do one practice test per day and then focus on studying the answer key that DATCrusher provided. I spent the rest of the day going through the answers and writing summaries of the part that were more difficult for me. The next day, I would go through the summary and then start a new test and do the same thing again for the rest of my day. The key for me was to study all of the questions, because DATCrusher has such detailed answer keys! Even the ones you got correct I studied. Studying all their sample tests and timing myself helped me boost my confidence. I would say that every section was representative of the DAT and on the test day I wasn’t shocked by the difficulty of the test because DATCrusher prepared me well.”

Maryan Morris
February 2018 DAT Test-taker

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