Grace Chen

PAT: 24 (96th percentile)
RC: 23 (92nd percentile)
Academic Average: 26 (100th percentile)

Grace’s Feedback:

“This was my first time writing the DAT. DATCrusher prepared me well for the exam, and I did not feel disadvantaged compared to others who had written the DAT before or had used other resources. DATCrusher was the only paid resource I used other than the CDA manual.

The practice tests for the PAT and the Reading Comprehension sections were extremely helpful because it gave me an idea of how much time I had for each question. Similarly, PATBooster’s summary of how much time I spent on each section was very helpful as it allowed me to decide which section to start with.

The printable PAT generators were useful since I could practice doing the questions on paper like on the Canadian DAT. The PAT solutions and strategies are very detailed and helps a lot if you don’t know where to start or what you got wrong. For the Reading Comprehension section, I did not feel confident prior to using DATCrusher as I generally did not read a lot. The practice exams and the Booster reading tests, where I got average scores on, forced me to read fast and to be able to finish the questions on time.

For Biology, many of the topics were ones that were covered in my courses. Because of this, I finished studying all the topics listed during reading week. The practice tests and accompanying notes gave me an idea of how much detail I need to know on top of the knowledge I already had. The Biology section turned out to be much easier than I expected.

For Chemistry, I was able to finish DATCrusher’s practice tests well before time ran out and while scoring almost perfect every time. For this reason, I knew I didn’t need to spend as much time on Chemistry as compared to the other sections. All in all, the real DAT had very similar questions and I was also able to go through the questions well before time was up.”

Grace Chen
February 2019 DAT Test-taker

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