Caroline Ye

Biology: 27 (100th Percentile)
Chemistry: 30 (100th Percentile)
PAT: 22 (95th percentile)
RC: 22 (91th percentile)
Academic Average: 26 (100th percentile)

Caroline’s Feedback:

“Studying for the DAT while taking a full course load certainly was not easy, especially since writing it in February meant I did not have the summer to do the bulk of my studying. Before discovering DATCrusher, I was unknowingly using resources that were designed to prepare me for the American DAT. After doing a chemistry practise test on DATCrusher, I realised I was spending too much time studying unnecessarily complex chemistry topics because I was misdirected by the other resources. I trusted that DATCrusher is representative of the Canadian DAT, so I immediately focused more on broadening my knowledge in biology by studying the concepts and solutions of each practise test. The score breakdown at the end of each practise test made it very clear what my weaknesses were, which allowed me to wisely use the limited time I had.

I was also very surprised with how thorough the explanations for the PAT practise tests are. They made me realize that there are processes involved in choosing the correct answer; effectively studying for the PAT requires gaining a level of understanding, not just mindlessly eyeballing the options. After doing all the practise tests and studying the solutions, I had developed strategies. The actual PAT had some new tricky questions, but because I had strategies to work with, I tackled them with confidence.

I found the actual DAT to be very similar to, if not easier than, the practise tests. My actual scores are higher than the ones I achieved on the practise tests so DATCrusher may have even overprepared me. I would like to give huge thanks to the DATCrusher team for developing this amazing resource and constantly improving it to better represent the Canadian DAT!”

Caroline Ye
February 2018 DAT Test-taker

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