Updated: October 2nd, 2019.

Hey everyone! 👋

I hope studying is going well. It’s been some time since I’ve updated you all with what’s going on behind the scenes and so I got several updates to share with you all: 

📖 Reading Comprehension Tests #6-7 are now out! I expect tests #8-10 to be released sometime mid October. So that there will be a total of 14 unique Reading Comprehension Tests to practice from (including the 4 booster practice tests). Originally, I was planning to hold off on releasing these tests but I thought it would be the best interest for everyone to release them. 

📙 Nicole Notes Pro Chapters #1-6 are now out! This is a new set of Nicole’s Notes that has more information and is better organized. You can find these on the Biology page. We will not update the study schedule this cycle, simply because these notes are new and most of you have already begun preparing using the old notes. These notes are optional and if you still wish to incorporate Nicole Notes Pro into the study schedule, simply swap the chapters and use the corresponding chapters. Important: Any information not in Nicole’s Notes is very low-yield.

🛡️ New Security Update that’ll now allow only a certain amount of devices to log on to a single account. If there are any suspicious activities, your account will become locked and we will begin to monitor your account. Unfortunately, we’ve had incidents where students have stolen accounts and issues where test scores were not saving due to multiple devices logged in at the same time, therefore we are combating these issues with this security update.

🎲 210+ Pattern Folding and Top-Front-End solution videos were added for EVERY question on PATBooster! These videos are a game-changer since they show you how to beat every possible type of question you may encounter on the DAT step-by-step! This is something that no other DAT company has been offering and so we’re proud the be the first. On top of that, we’ve just released 10+ new Pattern Folding content videos that showcase all of the major tips/tricks you can use to beat the Pattern Folding section. Be sure to check them out. 

 🎥 15 high-quality Top-Front-End and 10 Pattern Folding videos were just added to PATBooster and DATCrusher. You can check out the sample video below.

🚨 Furthermore, some other cool updates we’ve recently made was changing ALL of our reading comprehension tests to be PRINTABLE! This is exciting and is something that DATCrusher as a whole is moving towards since the Canadian DAT is a paper-based exam. And lastly, we’ve also recently added another massive update to the Pattern Folding Generator to allow you to manipulate every fold in 3D:

I expect all of the majority of the new content to be out by early October and will be automatically updated to your account regardless of when you purchased DATCrusher’s Premium Membership. That being said, I anticipate the price for Premium Membership to slightly increase when these updates happen so that we can fund our developers and have these features out as soon as possible. Therefore, I recommend preparing early and purchasing your membership asap.

Lastly, for a limited time, you will get a FREE PATBooster Premium Membership which will last you until the November DAT whenever you purchase DATCrusher. Other than that, please feel free to reach me at any point if you have any questions. Happy studying! 

Dr. Shahed Bayesteh

Rock the DAT Partnership Program

Need Hands-on-Soap Carving Help?

We have teamed up with Rock The DAT, a Canadian DAT prep course which focuses on soap carving! Rock the DAT was established by University of Alberta Dental students as a means to raise money for their graduation and help pre-dental students excel at the DAT.

This student centred prep course is designed to teach the skills necessary for success on the MDT section of the Canadian Dental Association’s DAT. The course is taught by students currently attending the University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry.

Click below to learn more about Rock The DAT:

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