Updated: January 12th, 2019.

Hi everyone! 👋

I hope your DAT preparation is going well. If you have not started yet, I would highly recommend preparing soon. Having been in your shoes before, it will become challenging once classes pick-up. That being said, there’s about 6 weeks left until the February 2020 DAT. This is plenty of time to prepare for the Canadian DAT. I’ve seen students get stellar scores in as little as 2 weeks of preparation but it all depends on the effort that you put in.

Furthermore, my team and I have spent the last few weeks updating the content on DATCrusher to better reflect the 2019 November DAT. For the next few weeks, we expect the following updates to occur:

  • Updated DAT Study Guide for the February 2020 DAT – Completed
  • Updated Biology Notes (Nicole’s Summary and Pro Notes) – Completed
  • Updated Chemistry Notes including a new Chapter – Completed
  • Updated Practice Tests with new questions to reflect the recent DAT – Partially Complete
  • Updated Printable PAT Generators – Completed
  • and much more!

Lastly, the price of DATCrusher’s Premium Membership will NOT change as we approach the February 2020 DAT, so it’s smarter to purchase a membership sooner than later. Other than that, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. 😊

Dr. Shahed Bayesteh

Rock the DAT Partnership Program

Need Hands-on-Soap Carving Help?

We have teamed up with Rock The DAT, a Canadian DAT prep course which focuses on soap carving! Rock the DAT was established by University of Alberta Dental students as a means to raise money for their graduation and help pre-dental students excel at the DAT.

This student centred prep course is designed to teach the skills necessary for success on the MDT section of the Canadian Dental Association’s DAT. The course is taught by students currently attending the University of Alberta’s School of Dentistry.

Click below to learn more about Rock The DAT:

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