The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is used by most Canadian Dental Schools in their admission selection process. In fact, every Dental School requires the DAT in Canada except McGill. Since the DAT is offered only twice a year (Early November and Mid-February), it’s very important to plan ahead in order to prepare for it. The format of the test is as follows:

Section Time # of Questions
Manual Dexterity Test 30 minutes 1 Soap Carving
Science (Biology + Chemistry) 60 minutes 70 questions
Perceptual Ability Test 60 minutes 90 questions
Reading Comprehension Test 50 minutes 50 questions


With the exception of the MDT, the Canadian and American tests seem very similar. However there exists both obvious and subtle differences in certain sections that makes the two versions stand out. The following list outlines some of these aforementioned differences and was made possible by the feedback of students who have personally written both the Canadian and American versions of the exam. Furthermore, this list is not fully inclusive! It is simply meant to portray the reality that difference do in fact exist between the two exams.

Canadian DAT American DAT
Test Format Paper-based Computer-based
Test Dates 2/year (Nov/Feb only) Any time in the year
Half-Hole punching Questions
PAT Question images in high-resolution Question images in low- resolution
Reading Comprehension Straightforward Questions
from the passage
Requires thorough reading
of the passage
(Different types of questions asked)
Organic Chemistry
Quantitative Reasoning
Accepted by Canadian Schools
Accepted in American Schools