Canadian DAT Practice Tests

Can DATCrusher help me prepare for the Canadian DAT?

Absolutely! Most students in Canada use DATCrusher to prepare for the Canadian DAT. What makes DATCrusher so unique is that we’re proudly the only DAT preparation company tailored explicitly towards the Canadian DAT.

We offer the most representative Canadian DAT practice tests along with the best tools to help you prepare. For example, we’re the only DAT preparation company that offers printable reading comprehension and PAT practice questions. We also offer more amazing features to help you gain an edge over other students. This is why the average DAT score reported to us by our students for the February 2019 DAT was: 24 AA | 22 RC | 21 PAT | 27 MDT.

Can I use American DAT resources to prepare for the Canadian DAT?

Most, if not all, DAT preparation companies out there are meant for the American DAT. Most of these companies, including ones that charge $500 for 90-day subscriptions, do not disclose that there are significant differences between the American and Canadian DAT as their primary focus is to make money.   These differences are substantial enough to jeopardize your DAT scores. You can find out more information about these differences here: Canadian DAT vs American DAT.

Therefore, we do NOT recommend using most American DAT resources. If you do use them, be cautious about the following differences:

  • The American DAT Biology covers extra material not included in the Canadian DAT, such as microscopes, experimental cell biology, biomolecules, experimental embryology, and genetic technologies
  • The American DAT does NOT cover topics on the Canadian DAT such as cladistics and ecosystems
  • American DAT resources teach inefficient strategies meant for the computerized test
  • American DAT resources do not offer printable content such as Reading Comprehension tests tailored for the Canadian DAT. None of them provide timed practice tests for 50 minutes for the Canadian DAT since the Reading Comprehension on the American DAT is 60min.
  • Cover extra subjects that we do not need to know for the Canadian DAT (Organic Chemistry and Quantitative Reasoning)
  • Do not provide any tips specifically for the Canadian DAT

To get more information about the Canadian DAT, we recommend visiting the official Canadian Dental Association site.