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DATCrusher PAT Breakdown: Paper Folding

Many people have difficulties when it comes to this section because they think that they need to exercise a great deal of concentration in order to "fold" the given pattern and deduce which answer choice represents the correct 3D model. Well fret not my friends, I am going to show you three approaches that if [...]

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DATCrusher PAT Breakdown: Cube Counting

Ahh, cubes. Yet another favourite of mine. Besides being one of the four sections on the PAT that you can easily ace, it's pretty fun. Cube counting can also raise your confidence levels going into paper folding (assuming you follow natural order of the PAT). Since this is one of the easier sections, I won't [...]

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DATCrusher PAT Breakdown: Angles

Conceptually speaking, the angle section is the easiest to understand and grasp. all you have to do is rank the given angles from smallest to largest right? It seems easy enough for a child to do this section. Wrong! Although the objective is easy, students consistently struggle to achieve high marks in this section of [...]

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DATCrusher PAT Breakdown: Hole-Punching

This section takes an activity that most of us as kids actually partook in. Take a piece of paper, fold it many times and use a hole-puncher to punch some holes. Then unwrap and stare at the perforated paper in awe of the magic that just took place. Which kid didn't like that? Well this [...]

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