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Representative Reading Comprehension Tests
 Practice using the most representative Reading Comprehension tests for the Canadian DAT. Our unique software mimics the feel of writing this section on paper.
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New Rock Keyholes
 With the recent addition of Special Rock Keyhole questions to the Canadian DAT, we have also integrated these questions into our tests to help you prepare.
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Answer: A

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“DATCrusher, by far, had the most representative Canadian DAT Practice tests out there. I could not be more happy with my scores.”

Ali Oryan – 25 Biology | 23 Chem | 21 RC 24 PAT | 24 TS | 23 AA (98th percentile) on the Nov 2016 DAT
Ali is our featured student for the Nov 2016 cycle, click here to view his DAT experience.

Created by dental students and test-takers from:

Canadian DAT Prep, Canadian DAT Practice Tests, DATCrusher, DAT Crusher
While we were preparing for the Canadian DAT, we noticed the lack of Canadian DAT prep material out there. In fact, most of the existing online DAT practice tests out there are created by people who have never even written the Canadian DAT. This is why we set out to create DATCrusher, a DAT resource specifically for the Canadian DAT. Ever since we launched in October 2016, we have grown and have helped many students obtain their desired DAT scores. 
As current Canadian dental students, we simply aim to help as many Canadian pre-dental students as we can by always updating our material each cycle to always be representative of the Canadian DAT. Please feel free to check all the free Canadian DAT exclusive content we have to offer. And if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.
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